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Police search for hotel ATM thieves posing as maintenance men


Atlanta and College Park police are asking for your help to find two men who are posing as maintenance men and then robbing ATMs in local hotels.

Surveillance video shows the two are dressed in work clothes and carry tools. Police said they are able to slip into the hotels unnoticed.

"To the average person walking by, they probably wouldn't notice anything suspicious about them," said Sgt. Gregory Lyon of Atlanta police. "They have utility belts on or uniform shirts.  You see them walking in the lobby. You see them huddled around the ATM as if they're doing something to it." 

Lyons told CBS46 the pair got into the machine at the Marriott Renaissance recently and made off with more than $14,000.

The thieves also slipped into two Marriott hotels in College Park but failed to get away with any money before workers became suspicious.

"They are very bold," said Maj. Earnest Strozier with College Park police. Strozier said the pair may be former ATM maintenance men who still have keys to the machines. 

Both police agencies said they hope surveillance video and photos of the suspects will lead to an arrest. They also said it is not the usual smash-and-grab ATM robberies they have investigated in the past.

"This is a lot more sophisticated," said Lyon. "These two suspects, these two individuals probably have some type of electronics training. They've been taught or trained somehow so they can electronically pull money from an ATM without arousing suspicion."  

Police said if you spot the suspects, do not approach them and call 911. 

"It seems they have done it before, so they were pretty comfortable," said Strozier. "Like I said, they're bold, so I'm pretty sure they will strike again."

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