Editorial: "Déjà Vu"

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Does this sound familiar - discontent, dysfunction and a power struggle between an ASU President and the Universities Board of Trustees?  Sure it does, but this editorial is not a rehash of the Dr. Silver saga, but a comment and observation on the most recent publicly disclosed actions between the current President, Gwendolyn Boyd and two ASU Board of Trustees Elton Dean and Marvin Wiggins.

As you may have heard or seen by now there have been, dare I say, difficulties following Ms. Boyd's disclosure of her proposed changes in the current ASU leadership structure noted on a revised organizational chart.  While the board does appear to have a case regarding Ms. Boyd's ability to make changes without their approval (she says she can and they say she can't) the tone and tenor of the engagement between these parties is troubling at best.

Having read all three letters between the parties mentioned I am left with the uneasy feeling of Déjà vu. It seems as if some on the board are unwilling to "let go" and let Ms. Boyd run the University in a manner she deems fit (for the record they voted her in unanimously 12-0).  It's obvious that she has been very busy here at the beginning of her tenure as President of ASU and may have jumped the gun on the proposed organizational moves.  Having said that, it also appears some on the board are hesitant to fully relinquish the necessary control and responsibility to her.

In order for ASU and President Boyd to have a shot at moving the university forward, the board must not be an obstacle the President must overcome, but a group that is intentional about removing any and all obstacles; right now, that isn't the case any meaningful progress will be stunted.

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