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Rejected vanity license plates


Every day a committee of about 10 BMV workers sits down and reviews anywhere from 20 to 100 vanity plates requests. 19 Action News Reporter Dan Deroos says that he favors cle rox, actnnws, nwsmndan. But for every plate accepted there are some outrageous ones denied. 

Every year the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles has to reject hundreds of vanity license plate request because well you can't just put anything on them.

In fact, the state worked with the ACLU to come up with three categories of reject plates.

First, and the biggest category, it can't be obscene, sexually explicit, or down right gross.

Here are some rejected plates from the last year:

You might be an accountant but your car can't say sea pee a.

Along those lines not sure why you want to be labeled sperm

Get a kleenex for snotdoc and boogr.

There's a whole list of rejected plates from the bottom...literally. Ol fart, crapbox, and usturds

As for obscene there's a lot of people who want you to know strange things about them. Like 2 horny  sp8nkm3, grindn and whood3y.

No room for profanity showing how tough you might be badd ass, an ass kikr and a badsob but your car won't be.

The second area of forbidden plates is anything that might make the person behind you mad or become violent like ppl suck and kizz my.

It may look like eff um but pretty sure this is a shot at the University of Michigan.

It's not polite to call someone honkey. That got denied so someone tried honkey 1.

The third category that will get your plate request rejected is anything that is, or promotes, breaking the law.

Keep matches away from the guy who wanted im a pyro.

Steer clear of m3rde2u.

You may want to turn back if your blind date showed up with stalk n, or canib3l.

At least you know how this person would have paid for the plate...blkmail.     

And it doesn't matter that you can't spell it right but you can't choot um or kik ash.

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