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'Click It or Ticket' underway through June 1

Source: adeco.alabama.gov Source: adeco.alabama.gov

The Click It or Ticket traffic safety campaign is underway across Alabama through June 1. During this time, extra officers will be on the roads to enforce seat belt laws and get dangerous drivers off the roads. It is paid through a grant from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Tuscaloosa Police Sgt. Brent Blankley says too often, officers see crashes where a seat belt would have likely made the different between life and death. "If you do this job long enough, you see people that are thrown from vehicles, you see people that are crushed inside vehicles," Blankley said. "The real hard ones are the ones that are thrown from vehicles, and the wreck doesn't look that bad, but then if they would have been wearing their safety belt, they probably would have survived it."

Blankley says officers are also looking to make sure children are properly restrained in vehicles. "A lot of people we see, they'll be driving down the road, and their kids will be just going all over the cabin of the vehicle. If you see that, we encourage you to call us, so we can pull that vehicle over."

Blankley says officers will also be watching for speeders and drivers who are under the influence. He says the extra officers working during this period have no other duties but to look for traffic safety violations.

A recent report from the NHTSA shows seat belt use is at a record high in Alabama. The report shows 97% of Alabamians used their seat belts during the 2013 Click It or Ticket campaign. The national average was 87%. Alabama's percentage was the third highest in the country, behind Oregon and California.

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