Editorial - "The More You Know"

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - This is the time of year when children graduate school, summer vacation plans come together and air conditioners in the south run 24/7 … oh, and political ads run day and night.  Welcome to another political summer in Alabama where the airwaves are loaded with ad after ad.

Right or wrong, I would venture to say that most voters make voting decisions based on what they learned by watching campaign ads.  Whether they are ads from the actual candidate or the candidate's competitor, the influence is substantial and if you have a large political war chest perceptions can be molded in your favor.  Mind you that I said perceptions, and not necessarily reality.  Big money can get you elected if we the voters don't do our own homework.

With that in mind, we strongly encourage you to identify those things that are most important to you (i.e. taxes, jobs, healthcare or schools), write them down and then research the candidates that most align with your ideals and give them your vote.

The more you know the better your decisions on who you vote for and fingers crossed – the better qualified the candidate you help elect into office to serve you.  Your vote is your voice, get out and exercise it on Tuesday, June 3rd.

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