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Second River Region church becomes victim of theft

Facebook Photo (Source: Mark Pate) Facebook Photo (Source: Mark Pate)

Could there be a connection?

Thieves struck one church in Deatsville, located in Elmore County, last week and now another church in north Montgomery County is the scene of a crime investigation.

The young Jubilee Christian Fellowship Church on Red Eagle Road is only two years old. It's growing with around 30 parishioners so far but that growth just hit a speed bump.

"I was a little surprised," said church pastor Mark Pate.

When Pate drove up Sunday morning he found the hood of the church bus lifted. He soon realized the bus was literally stripped of vital engine parts. Jubilee Christian bought a small school bus that was once used in the Birmingham area, and is now used as part of Jubilee's outreach program.

"You can see they stole the radiator, cut a few hoses and took the battery," Pate said.

Two area churches hit in less than two weeks. Last week thieves hit the St. James Baptist Church in Deatsville. The criminals took a concrete block and bashed in two windows and caused around $1,100 worth of damage. No one's been arrested in that case.

It's not clear if the two crimes are connected. The two churches are located within 20 minutes of each other.

What struck Pate as a little odd is the time the suspects took to take the radiator out, something that is not a quick and easy task.

"It's hard to believe they would spend this much time on it," Pate said. "I guess they wanted it for scrap metal or something."

The pastor says he will forgive the suspect or suspects but still plans to prosecute them if they're captured. The reason is they could use a good lesson.

"I hope they find God in all this, and that someone will help them," Pate said.

Much like the case in Deatsville, there's been no arrest in this investigation.

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