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Tuskegee VA evacuated after bomb threat


Three buildings were evacuated at the Central Alabama Veterans Health Care System East Campus in Tuskegee Tuesday morning.

According to a Veteran Administration spokesperson, one of the clinics received a bomb threat over the phone at 10:20 a.m. Tuesday.

VA officials say that nearly 100 patients were impacted by the threat as well as a large number of out-patients. 

VA police worked with local law enforcement to close the gates and conduct a search with bomb sniffing dogs. No explosive devices were found and the all clear was given at 3:06 p.m.

The threat is being investigated. No arrests have been made and there are no leads at this time.


A WSFA12 News crew member was dispatched this afternoon to the Tuskegee campus of the Central Alabama Veterans Health Care System.  We had heard reports of a possible evacuation on that campus.  Once our crew arrived, a Veterans Police Officer was stopping traffic near the admissions entrance.  Our crew stopped there and the officer advised that he would ask for information from the director's office that could be shared with WSFA. 

When our crew asked the officer if we could stay next to the news vehicle and shoot video of the apparent scene, we were told, "don't get out of your vehicle."

Meanwhile, other apparent staff and patients were walking the area we requested to stand.

Our crew member took photos and videos with his cell phone while waiting in the vehicle.  The Veterans Officer noticed and then advised the WSFA12 News staff person was not allowed to take any pictures from the car cell phone or otherwise. We complied with the officer.

We were told the director was in a meeting at the Tuskegee campus and would provide information after that meeting.

For more than 90-minutes WSFA12 News was not provided any information to pass along to the public. 

Shortly after 3 p.m., we were notified that an "all clear" was given.  Our one person crew was given a telephone number to an office in Montgomery and asked to leave the campus.

We later learned there is a policy restricting photography at this facility. However, a spokesperson for the VA apologized for the mishandling of our crew and said we should have been escorted to an area where we could have gotten out of our vehicle and taken pictures of the incident. The spokesperson added the VA is in the process of hiring a new Public Relations Specialist and there was no one there to handle the media properly during this incident

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