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Selma police investigate after juvenile found with cap-pistol revolver

(Source: MGN) (Source: MGN)

The Selma Police Department conducted an investigation Tuesday after a 13-year-old was found in possession of what appeared to be a handgun. After the juvenile was removed from the building, the gun was identified as being a black, metal frame "Cap-Pistol" revolver with the cylinder missing.

Officers were called to the 2500 block of Tipton Street and placed the facility on lock down. While the police department did not specify the name of the location, other than referring to it as a "public facility", the only public facility on that street is Tipton Middle School.

The incident happened around 9:30 a.m. and required the facility to go on lock down.

Selma police spokesman Lt. Curtis Muhannad says officers spoke with faculty who advised that a juvenile reported to another faculty member that the 13-year-old had a gun and had been showing it to other juveniles.

Faculty members waited until law enforcement officials were notified to confront the juvenile. After officers were informed of the situation, they were escorted to the room were the juvenile suspected of having the gun was located, and unaware of the reason for the lock down.

After the juvenile with the gun was identified, the juvenile was asked to empty their pockets and what appeared to be a revolver was removed from their front pocket. Officers quickly detained the juvenile and rendered the gun safe.

The juvenile was transported to the Selma Police Department and their parents were notified. The juvenile was interviewed and released to their parents.

The juvenile may face administrative punitive action and criminal charges.

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