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Tire thief caught on camera stealing from Brundidge business


Luke Johnston is tired of having tires stolen from his trucking company on Highway 231 in Brundidge. Monday night, security cameras caught a suspect taking what he wanted from the stockpile Johnston Trucking uses for their fleet. Again and again, he rolls away pricey tires.

"It's 300-500 dollars a tire so it's very expensive," Johnston told WSFA. "He picked them out of our racks here and rolled them around to the back fence where he got them into his vehicle.

It's costing the company thousands. The same thing happened to Johnston Trucking last year and after that, Luke Johnston put up security cameras. This time around, the cameras were rolling.  

"The camera actually did pick up an individual and we're asking the public to take a look at it and help in identifying this individual," said Pike County Sheriff Russell Thomas. 

The sheriff says the footage reveals a lot about the man behind the crime. 

"It appears that he's been here before or he had information related to the layout of the premises, because once he enters the property, he goes directly to where the tires are located. He rolls away one at a time and then the last trip, he rolls two away," Sheriff Thomas said. "Watching how he handles those tires, tells you that he's familiar with how to handle tires and he works with tires, has worked with tires or trucking. We think that he either has a need for these tires or he has an outlet where he'll sell these tires. "

Luke Johnston says the company works to keep a number of tires in stock for their trucks and said the burglaries were a nuisance. He's hoping the surveillance cameras he put up will help in the search for the suspect. 

"Cameras are expensive but tires are very expensive so after the first time, we paid for a camera system to prevent it from happening again or at least catch who is doing it and have it stop. So hopefully, that's what we're doing now. I'd love to see him caught so he doesn't get any more of our stuff or anyone else's," he added. "There's other locations besides just ours that tires are going missing from."

In the meantime, Johnston Trucking is putting up additional security cameras to capture more angles and clearer shots of the thief or anyone else comes onto the property. 

The Pike County Sheriff's Office is offering a cash reward to anyone who helps lead to an identification or arrest in the case. 

If you have information, call 334-566-4347.

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