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Survey says: Drivers are fed up with bad behaviors

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Some new surveys show that drivers are fed up with inconsiderate drivers so we hit the road with an expert so we can all be better behind the wheel.

We asked some people what they think are the worst things drivers do on the road.

"Probably inconsiderate people. If you're trying to get over and they ignore you," Eric Pitts said. "When people don't know when to yield, people don't know how to merge."

"People who drive too slowly in the fast lane. That just kills me. I'm tired of it," Xavier Allen said.

A new report by travel website Expedia and Northstar says the top annoying driving habits are things like following too closely, texting, applying makeup and even reading behind the wheel.

Clay Ingram with AAA Alabama teaches defensive driving classes and he went on a ride along with us to see if we could find some bad habits on the road.

One of the first things we caught on I-459 was a car swerving in and out of traffic and changing lanes trying to get around cars. The driver did not use a signal.

"It sets up dangerous situations and causes people to hit their brakes unnecessarily," Ingram said.

It didn't take too long to spot people texting and driving, which is illegal and dangerous. Also on I-459, a slower driver briefly held up traffic in the passing lane.

"It's based on speed. If you're going slower than the normal flow of traffic you need to move over onto right side," Ingram said.

Driving slowly in the passing lane will also get you a ticket.

Another report by "Safeco Insurance" says lots of drivers are down-right disrespectful and doing things like cutting a funeral line, cutting off a school bus or illegally parking in a handicapped parking spot.

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