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Class Act: Holtville Elementary teacher going out with a bang


Shouting and dancing are usually not encouraged in the classroom but a Holtville Elementary teacher is kicking "children should be seen, not heard," to the curb.

This week's Class Act is determined to have fun and end her career on a high note.

Whether it's an end of the year pizza party or solving a long division problem, Linda Scott brings a unique approach to teaching.  Students write on their desks using dry-erase markers and equations bring out the cheers and enthusiasm of a football game.

"I can't sit still for 7 hours and I'm older then they are so how can we expect them to sit still for 7 hours and learn something?" says Scott.  Scott frequently asks the students to do their "happy dance" and tells them they are "the!"

After 21 years of not sitting still and teaching 4th graders at Holtville Elementary, she's hanging up her professional hat and retiring.  Scott says she got a second chance to "live her dream." After working as a secretary, she went back to school in her 30's to obtain her degree so she could become a teacher.  Now, she's ready to spend time with her grandbabies – she assures us that children will always be a part of her life.

"Ooh they are my heart, they are my heart, teaching is my heart, the boys and girls are my heart and they will always be a part of me and I hope I will always be a part of them..." says Scott.

Scott hopes her students remember that learning can always be fun regardless of age, a mantra LaMonica Smith is already practicing.  Smith says Scott has taught her "If you mess up, don't give up just keep on going."

Smith's parents didn't have the same educational opportunities she has, so she wants to make every lesson count, "I want to get all the education I need," she says.

LaMonica is sad to see her teacher leave but for Scott it's not goodbye.

"I'm happy to see them move on to 5th grade, I'm sad to see them leave me but they always come back and there's always a hug for me so life is good," says Scott.

Congratulations Mrs. Scott, you're this week's Class Act – and congratulations on your retirement.

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