Family of victim in Montgomery's 9th homicide speaks out - Montgomery Alabama news.

Family of victim in Montgomery's 9th homicide speaks out

(Source: Family) (Source: Family)

New details are available from Montgomery's latest homicide from the victim's family. For the first time, the family is speaking out, and it is exclusively on WSFA 12 News.

The incident occurred Sunday on Carmichael Road.

34-year-old Michael Thornton was shot and killed, and police have charged the man they say is responsible for his murder.

"I know my son's at peace and God got him, and I got an angel on my shoulder," Lurinda Thornton said.

Thornton says she's accepted the sudden death of her son, who was shot and killed just after midnight on Sunday.

"I can't get a phone call from son," Thornton said. "My child is gone and all I have is memories. He took a good person. He took a son, a husband, a father."

Michael's sister, Lamika Thornton, is speechless. She says not only did Michael know the alleged shooter, Quantarius Moss, but both families know each other well and are both at a loss for words as to why this murder took place.

There has been speculation this was a domestic dispute, but the family says they really don't know what happened.

"If it was a beef, I didn't know anything about it," Lamika said. "Mike never spoke about it. He never told us about it. I had a missed call from him and I feel like if I had answered that phone call, he'd be ok."

Ms. Thornton says her son's past wasn't squeaky clean, but he was changing and she believes his death was not a result of gang or drug activity.

But Michael's mother says she does have a message for the man responsible for taking her son's life.

"He was changing and doing what he had to do to get right with God. Once you kill someone, sorry is not going to bring that person back," Lurinda Thornton said. "You don't know, you killed them and they are at rest now, but you don't how bad you hurt people."

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