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Mom seeks answers after son's body found in Tallassee


Rage and pain collided in Tallassee as a mother talked about the circumstances surrounding her son's death.

Tallassee police say the body found two weeks ago was that of 43-year old Charlie Simmons. A nearby resident found the remains in a wooded area behind a home on Wall Street. The county coroner estimated Simmons' body had been at this location for at least 5 days.

Gennelle Simmons visited the site for the first time. Ms. Simmons did so to try to figure out what happened to Charlie, and why. After a few minutes looking it over Ms. Simmons flew into a rage, certain her middle child did not die a natural death.

"I don't care what anyone says, he was murdered! The reason they won't let me see him is because somebody got his face!" said Simmons.

The autopsy showed no obvious wounds to the body, no gunshots, no knife, nothing to indicate how Charlie Simmons died.

Tallassee police tell WSFA 12 News it will be another two weeks before investigators know what killed Charlie Simmons, another two weeks before toxicology results are back.

The test results will help homicide investigators determine which direction to take in this case.

Gennelle Simmons says her son had a dispute with two people in the days leading to his death but wasn't sure what the arguments were about.

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