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2 MPS seniors overcome huge obstacles to graduate

Cameshia Mckee Cameshia Mckee
Logan Prickett Logan Prickett

Two Montgomery high school grads have had to tackle huge obstacles, but they've let nothing stand in the way of fulfilling their dreams.

In 2008, a routine MRI changed Logan Prickett's life forever. He ended up going into cardiac arrest from a severe allergic reaction to the IV contrast dye and for 45 minutes he had no heartbeat, but he survived.

Enduring years of rehabilitation, Logan has adapted -- fueled by an incredible drive, a drive that's enabling him to graduate near the top of his class at Booker T Washington Magnet High School.

"I'm actually not supposed to be here. I should be dead, but I'm not and being able to graduate high school in the top ten out of my school is just amazing," Logan said.

"I think when someone looks at Logan and they see all of the things that he's had to overcome- it's hard for me to say I'm having a bad day or that I can't do something that day. When you look at Logan, he's blind. He can see color and motion but no detail. He doesn't have the motor control to write but yet, he's still is accomplishing things that most people just say they wish they could do. Well,  he's doing it because he has the drive to not give up," his mother, Tammy, said. "I'm so proud of him that he doesn't give up and I know one day I'll see him with a bachelor's degree or masters degree or maybe I'll even call him Doctor Prickett one day."

Cameshia Mckee also knows about personal triumph.

She lives on her own, goes to school at Jefferson Davis High School during the day and works at night. She keeps her grades up and a roof over her head. She says she pushed through the hard times and long days because knew education is the key to success.

"It was hard because I had to worry about the stuff that all of my classmates did like making sure I passed my tests, making sure I do all my work so I can graduate and then I had to worry about paying $500 rent, paying $200 car note, paying light bill so it was stressful sometimes but I had faith in myself," Mckee told WSFA. 

Logan and Cameshia will both attend AUM -- Logan for business management and Cameshia for nursing. Logan hopes to go on to earn a degree in Aquaculture from Auburn University and one day open and manage his own fish hatchery. Cameshia has dreams of one day becoming a doctor.

Logan and his class at Booker T. Washington high school graduate Thursday night. The graduation ceremony for Cameshia Mckee and the other graduates at Jefferson Davis High School is Sunday.

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