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Jefferson Davis H.S. teacher responds to allegations

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"There really are two sides to every story," said Leroy Maxwell, Pinkston's attorney. "There really are two sides to every story," said Leroy Maxwell, Pinkston's attorney.

A Montgomery Public School teacher is offering up her defense.

Dalsity Pinkston, a teacher at Jefferson Davis High School, made hateful and profanity-laced comments about a student allegedly in front of a full classroom. The student recorded the rant. However, according to the teacher, she wasn't the bully but rather the one being bullied.

"There really are two sides to every story," said Leroy Maxwell, Pinkston's attorney.

After allegations of grade changing and an audio recording, Maxwell came forward to speak for his client Thursday.

He says Pinkston loves teaching and was doing her job when she gave a student a grade he deserved -- a 23. According to Maxwell, the grade was accurate, and the student and his family weren't pleased. That's when he says things went south for the Jefferson Davis teacher.

"We are targeting the teachers and educators and giving no responsibility to the students," Maxwell said.

He says instead of being supported by her principal, Pinkston was forced to get rid of the grade.

"It was her principal's idea that to make everything go away to just change the grade," Maxwell said.

He says the math teacher has the test and several other pieces of graded work that she's not even allowed to enter because Maxwell claims the principal just told Pinkston to do what was needed to make the student and family happy.

"After being demoralized, cursed out by the parent and the student and not being supported by staff at the school she had no other choice," Maxwell said.

In the recording you can hear "Kalin such a b**** a** ni****."

Maxwell confirms it's his client who was recorded and when asked why Pinkston used abusive language describing the student and threatening him, he says there is not any sort of excuse and she was just venting.

He adds she wasn't in front of a classroom full of students, but rather in a confined spot behind closed doors speaking to a family member over the phone.

"This is a teacher who just got verbally assaulted. She was outside of the proximity of any student in a closed confined area and someone secretly recorded her," Maxwell said.

Right now Maxwell says Pinkston is on administrative leave, but they will continue to fight so she can once again get back to the thing she loves.

"As far as legal actions there's a whole range of things that could be available to her," Maxwell said.

Montgomery Public School system spokesman Tom Salter sent us a statement regarding the recent allegations. He said:

"The investigation into Ms. Pinkston's allegations against Jeff Davis administrators and the investigation into Ms. Pinkston's reported misconduct this week are underway. Ms. Pinkston was terminated (contract non-renewed for next year) on April 22. Based on our current information, it appears Ms. Pinkston's allegations are an attempt at retaliation and are without merit."

We also spoke again Thursday with the student's mother who brought the case to our attention. She says she never verbally abused her son's teacher, and in fact, had never even met Pinkston face to face until their conference with the school principal.

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