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Decision 2014: State House District 76 Democratic Primary preview

Tracey Larkin Tracey Larkin
Thad McClammy Thad McClammy

In Decision 2014, the primaries are less than two weeks away, and two democratic candidates are getting ready to face off for State House District 76.

State Rep. Thad McClammy has held the House District 76 seat for almost 20 years. His challenger, Montgomery City Councilman Tracy Larkin, says it's time for some new blood in District 76.

"I think that for the first time, people are actually seeing people campaign for the office. The people, the constituents, they've never seen this happen before. I believe there is a need for a new infusion of energy; a fresh perspective," Larkin said.

McClammy says redistricting has impacted District 76, losing some residents in south Montgomery County, while gaining new residents in new territory.

McClammy says over the last 10 years he's been in office, he's helped to attract businesses to Montgomery. Now he says there's a new focus.

"My constituents that perhaps have not enjoyed the fruits of many of the opportunities that we have attracted in here, that they will have better opportunities," McClammy said.

Larkin says getting a state mandated minimum wage is one of several initiatives he's focused on.

"I think fundamental to what needs to be done to improve the state of Alabama is constitutional reform and constitutional reform implies that there would need to be tax reform and also and meaningful educational reform," Larkin said.

Tracey Larkin has challenged McClammy to a debate.

McClammy tells WSFA 12 News he has received Larkin's request by mail Wednesday and will soon respond.

Something interesting about this race is even though Maurice Rollins withdrew from the race, you will still see his name on the ballot.

Any votes cast for him will technically not count in his favor since he is no longer in the race.

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