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Don't Waste Your Money: The best and worst places to stash cash

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Hate putting your money in the bank, when it doesn't even pay half a percent in interest in 2014?

Lots of people do. These days, more and more people are stashing cash at home.

But before you tuck away a few hundred or few thousand bucks, you may want to know the best and worst places to put it.

Website Wallet Pop has just listed the most crazy places people stash cash. Crazy, but not dumb.

Wallet Pop's most clever hiding spots include:

- Inside a toilet paper roll
- Inside frozen food
- Behind a picture frame
- Under the cat's litter box
- In the base of a fake plant
- Inside a tampon box
- Inside a fake electrical outlet -- Just don't use a real live one, or retrieving your money could be an "electrifying" experience

Doesn't That Stink?

But from the doesn't that stink file comes the dumbest places to stash cash!

Wallet Pop says the place thieves are most likely to look is under the mattress.

Another bad idea: Burying cash in the backyard. People have been doing that since Roman times, then forget where they put it or die before they get to it.

Also bad: in the medicine cabinet, over the bathroom sink.

Remember, if you bury it next to a red Geranium, that Geranium probably won't be in the same spot next year.

The Bottom Line

No matter how careful you are, keeping cash at home comes with a lot of risks: Someone finds it, someone steals it, a fire, hurricane, or tornado destroy your house and your savings.

Investing $100 in a fireproof lock box that you hide in the basement might be a smarter bet.

So be careful about hiding too much, so you don't waste your money.

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