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3 candidates vie for votes in Autauga Co. sheriff's race

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The three-man race for Autauga County sheriff could come down to a nail biter. The Republican candidates say they all feel 'very good' about their chances in the June primary.

Joe Sedinger, Ron Boles and Sam Rowlin are the three candidates with extensive background in law enforcement. Each feels he's the right man for the job to replace longtime Autauga County sheriff Herbie Johnson who chose not to run again and is retiring after 20 years in office.

We begin with Joe Sedinger.

"I want to improve our neighborhood watch programs, start a McGruff program and look at hiring a resource officer," said Sedinger who is not only a candidate for the sheriff but currently the chief deputy at the sheriff's department.

Prattville native Ron Boles is a veteran of the Prattville Police Department. Boles wants to implement an 'alert' system.

"Let's say, for example,  there is a four-wheeler stolen. In addition to sending deputies to look for the four-wheeler I would also send out an alert to citizens to help us find that four-wheeler or if we're looking for a suspect. If you give me your cell number you would receive an 'alert,' much like the way WSFA does with its weather alerts," said Boles.

Sam Rowlin touts his experience as a state trooper, 29 years and counting. Rowlin feels the sheriff's department right now could be more pro-active.

"I would have our deputies look for crimes happening instead of waiting for them to happen. You accomplish that by patrolling your territory more," said Rowlin.

The winner on June 3rd will likely become the next sheriff of Autauga County because there is no Democratic challenger. The new sheriff will inherit a $4 million budget, 85 employees and the constant challenge of trying to protect more than 600 square miles with only two deputies at night.

With about a week-and-a-half to go before the June primary, Sam Rowlin is planning a campaign event on Saturday at Pratt Park for supporters. Ron Boles will continue to distribute DVD copies of the 2104 Sheriff's Forum which took place recently for the three men. Joe Sedinger will keep knocking on doors and handing out signs during the next few days.

Autauga County voting records show there are 26,000 registered voters but history shows only around 5,000 or so actually turn out at the polls.

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