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Officers warn against drinking and driving


Alcohol is served at many Memorial Day celebrations. If you have been drinking this Memorial Day and then get behind the wheel of a car, law enforcement officers say they will be watching for you.

The Click It or Ticket traffic safety campaign is in full swing through June 1. Click It or Ticket uses grant money to put extra officers on the roads, who have no other duties but to watch for dangerous driving habits. This includes driving under the influence.

Tuscaloosa Police Sgt. Brent Blankley says if you've had anything to drink at all, the safest decision is not to drive.

"There's always the saying that buzzed driving is drunk driving," Blankley said. "A lot of people don't understand where their limit comes in. One thing we encourage, if you've had anything to drink, go ahead and call, have somebody pick you up."

Blankley also says if you see an officer, do not hesitate to ask for help before you make a bad decision.

"Walk up to them and tell them, 'Hey, I've had too much to drink, can you call me a cab?' We'll be more than happy to call you a cab. At that point, our goal is not to take somebody to jail, it's to actually get somebody home safely."

According to 2012 numbers from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, someone dies every 51 minutes as the result of an alcohol-related crash.

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