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Montgomery area voters are ready for election day


We are exactly one week away from the primary election. Voters will choose the party nominees for many statewide races.

For some voters, Decision 2014 really won't be a decision for the June 3rd primary election.

Montgomery resident Jacqueline Kelly says she cares about every election, but admits this primary election has been hard to keep up with it.

"This one coming up, they may be a little uninformed. I've been struggling myself to keep up with," Kelly said.

Some voters say they just wait for the general election to cast their votes.

"I think people are just going to wait for the names to come along in November and just see who we are going to look for and what the candidates are and who we are going to vote for," Karen Melton said.

New this election is the voter ID law. It will be in effect for the primary election.

If you plan to vote, be sure you have either a voter ID card or an accepted form of ID to cast your ballot.

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