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Montgomery Co. Board of Education District 1 race


Dr. Lesa Keith is challenging incumbent Heather Sellers for the district one seat on the Montgomery County Board of Education. They are running on the Republican ticket. There is no Democratic opponent.

Sellers and Keith both consider themselves fearless leaders, not afraid to stand up for what's right.

"I've been in leadership. I'm the one that helped call out that the superintendent at the time didn't have a doctorate. I was the one who helped move the board forward in electing a new superintendent that we have now," Sellers said.

Keith says she has already brought change to MPS. She is a former teacher at Lee High School with 30 years of service in the district. 

"If you like the way public education is, then vote for my opponent. If you want change, then vote for me," Keith said.

She blew the whistle on the grade changing scandal. She fears it will continue, if voters don't put her on the board.

"I really do know where the problems are. I know how to focus on the problems," Keith said

The problems Keith would focus on if elected include discipline and teacher engagement.

"We have to get rid of that one bad apple in order to change education. I also believe that we have got to have teacher engagement. I don't want to see teachers sit at their desk handing kids check pluses, check minuses. You've got to engage those students, make learning fun," Keith said.

Keith would also like to expand vocational programs.

"I think vocations should be put back right now in all junior highs," Keith said.

Technical programs are also a priority for Sellers. She believes every child should get a chance to get a solid education, and MPS should offer numerous opportunities for its students.

"We're offering welding, plumbing, electricians," Sellers said.

Sellers has a personal interest in the success of MPS.

"It's all about the children. I have two children that are in this system. So, I am extremely vested," Sellers said.

She believes, under her leadership as board vice chair the district has made positive strides.

"I am very proud of bringing in great organizations like Teach for America with new teachers that have great new innovative ideas. working hard, having a new superintendent that really gets it. We now have a 30, 60, 90 day plan. So, We know all of the problems that we have. We are able to address them, to own them, to move forward," Sellers said.

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