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Dallas County getting new 'smart' E-911 system


Selma Police Chief William Riley knows all too well what it's like to respond to an emergency call not knowing all the facts. For example, who lives in the home his officers are responding to, are there children in the home? If so, how many?

"It is always a challenge for law enforcement because you don't have the full story what's going on at that address," said Riley.

The new 'smart' 911 supplemental system at the Dallas County E-911 Center is taking some of the guessing game out of future 911 calls.

"We're the first to go on-line live in the state," said director Tracy Williams.

With the smart 911 Dallas County citizens can choose to share information with dispatchers beforehand such as their physical description, the medications they're taking, even the number of household pets or special needs.

The concept is to help First Responders get a clearer idea of what they're dealing with should there be a real emergency at your home.

"Let's say, for example, you call 911 for help. Your address pops up and there is your file. Our dispatcher can tell the ambulance crew what medication you're on, which helps them get an idea of how to treat you," said Williams.

For emergency personnel in Selma and Dallas County it all comes down to this; knowledge is power.

The knowledge needed for police to help diffuse a situation or help firefighters save a life.

"The benefits are for both, for firefighters and law enforcement," said Riley.

The supplemental 911 cost E-911 $10,000. So far only 200 citizens have signed up out of a county population of 42,000.

"I am not concerned because we are just now advertising it and getting it rolled out," said Williams.

As a veteran lawman William Riley is not only calling this a good, practical move for residents but a smart one, too.

You can learn more about how the system works by going to www.smart911.com or call Tracy Williams at 334-874-1212.

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