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Attorneys file motion to stop judge from enforcing AAA ruling


Attorneys for State officials and parents filed a motion to stay Wednesday's order that tossed out the Alabama Accountability Act.

The motion to stay states the order was "wrongly issued" and requests the court stop the order from taking effect during the appeals process. The motion also states enforcing the order will cause "irreparably injury" by forcing parents to return children to failing schools.

On Wednesday, Circuit Judge Gene Reese ruled that the Alabama Accountability Act is unconstitutional. He said it violates the state Constitution's requirement for the Legislature to have only one subject in a bill.

The Accountability Act provides options for students in failing schools, including tax credits and scholarships for private school tuition.

Click here to read the motion.

A request has been made for records showing how much in taxpayer dollars is going into this case and the appeal. In a similar request made a few weeks back in a story on state spending on trials regarding constitutional matters, it took several weeks of email exchanges to confirm hundreds of dollars were spent on the fight over the Alabama Immigration Law - which the state eventually lost.

The state attorney general did not supply an estimate on the cost or fees associated with the Alabama Accountability Act court fight. However, the office released a statement:

The Attorney General's Office is handling this litigation in-house with salaried staff attorneys, and there is no breakdown for costs as this is being handled as part of their regular duties.

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