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Alabama Ethics Commission head announces retiring

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The man who oversaw a state agency to keep public officials on the straight and narrow is stepping down.

Wednesday, Jim Sumner, the director of the Alabama Ethics Commission, announced he will retire effective Oct. 1. Sumner has served for 17 and half years.

"Over the years I have served, we have faced numerous significant challenges, but we have also achieved many triumphs," Sumner told the commissioners Wednesday morning.

"Among the triumphs are the granting of subpoena power for the first time in history, mandating ethics training for public officials and employees, dramatically reducing the amount a lobbyist can spend of an official and guaranteed annual appropriation to fund the Commission," he continued.

Sumner told FOX6 News Monday that the challenge will be for the next director to continue to keep the commission and its investigation on a non-partisan course.

Sumner said there is tremendous pressure at times to pull the commission in investigation of alleged wrongdoing to the right or left. Sumner is 66-years-old and says he looks forward to teaching in law classes in the future.

Sumner's successor will be chosen by the commission.

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