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Mountain Brook PD: Man exposed himself to female jogger

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The Mountain Brook Police Department is warning joggers of a man who exposed himself to a female jogger on May 31.

Officers say it happened on the Jemison Park Trail near Overbrook Road and Mountain Brook Parkway.

Shelly Roark is among the dozens of people who hit Jemison Trail a couple times a week. Since it's usually a pretty popular spot among runners and walkers she never saw a problem going by herself at times. But that has changed.

"It's a little worrisome you know because I think I trust this part of town and it's kind of scary to think that you really can't be too trusting of anything," Roark said.= 

Mountain Brook police detective Jay Williams says the man was wearing a lime green shirt and dark shorts. As the woman got closer the man allegedly dropped his shorts. She went along her way and later called police.

"You never think of this area as anything like that but I guess it just goes to show you how naive you can be sometimes and you're never safe. It just takes a split second," said Russell Wolsfelt.

Wolsfelt and his wife both visit the trail and his wife often goes by herself. Even if this was a one time instance he says it still needs to be taken seriously.

"Everything leads to something else and if he gets away with it, it could lead to something else," said Wolsfelt.

Saturday's incident is a reminder for people like Roark to pay attention even if the area seems safe.

"It just makes me think that we need to be careful at all time of the day," said Roark.

The male is described as white with a light complexion, 5'7"-5'9", 205-220 lbs. wearing a lime green shirt and dark shorts.

Joggers are urged to run with a partner or in close proximity to others, especially in areas away from the roadways, and to always carry a cellphone.

Anyone with information can call 879-0486 to reach the Mountain Brook Police Department.

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