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Group hoping to preserve pre-Civil War home

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A group is on the hunt for who can step up and save a historic pre-Civil War home. The Brunson-Hollister House outside Cumberland City is currently owned by the Tennessee Valley Authority, but TVA officials said they don't have it in their budget to maintain a historic site.

"We're citizens that are concerned about saving history, and this particular house has a lot of history," said Houston County archivist Melissa Barker.

A two-story home believed to have been built in 1830, stories passed down by the families who lived there claim the home even played host to Ulysses S. Grant once.

"There's a family cemetery on the property, and there's also an African-American cemetery which is not marked," said Barker. "We'd like to locate that and put up markers for that too."

Concern sparked in the community this year when TVA completed a cost estimate for the demolition of the house. TVA officials told Channel 4 the study was just evaluating all options and there are no plans to tear down the structure.

"We hope they keep with their intentions," said Barker. "What we'd like to see is it be saved, not be destroyed or torn down."

Barker is part of the newly formed Friends of the Brunson-Hollister Homestead which is searching for someone to buy and save the property. If need be, the group may take over the property themselves.

TVA officials said they want to sell the property. It's just a matter of finding someone with the funds for the upkeep of a historic site.

"We are interested in making sure the house is saved, and it is used for historical purposes," said Barker. "It is on the National Registry of Historical Places."

The Friends of the Brunson-Hollister Homestead will meet at the Houston County Library this Friday at 5:30 p.m. to discuss what they can offer TVA. 

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