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DeMarco, Palmer to battle for GOP 6th Congressional District seat

(L-R) Paul DeMarco and Gary Palmer. Source: WBRC video (L-R) Paul DeMarco and Gary Palmer. Source: WBRC video

A six-week battle is underway for the GOP nomination in the 6th Congressional District in Alabama.

Homewood Rep. Paul DeMarco and Gary Palmer, political analyst for the Alabama Policy Institute, are set for the runoff.

Despite a late night on Tuesday, both candidates hit the campaign trail early Wednesday on Good Day Alabama.

DeMarco said his experience as a state lawmaker will help in addressing big issues for the district such as the national debt.

"This is my home. I have lived here all my life. I understand the issues important to our distict and can take those to Washington, D.C. They want someone with experience who can show up day one and tackle those issues," DeMarco said.

Palmer said he has less money than others in the race but adds his connections will pay off in the runoff and Congress.

"I'm the one who can walk into Congress day one and be known. Not only in Congress, but I've got a national network in all 50 states. I think that will be the key to drive reform from the bottom up," Palmer said.

Birmingham Southern University political science professor Natalie Davis said even though DeMarco had the most votes, Palmer could end up getting more support.

"The guy on top is always at a disadvantage. Particularly when you are getting a third of the vote. That means 67 percent of the people didn't vote for you," Davis said.

David said Tea Party votes may go to Palmer but in a runoff with an expected even lower turnout, every vote will count.

"At this stage it's friends and neighbors who you go to church with. Who you cabn say it's worth your while to get up out of your seat Tuesday and vote." Davis said.

The runoff is set for July 15.

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