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Run-off likely for Chambliss, Garner in Senate District 30 race

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Ballots recounted at the Elmore County Courthouse Ballots recounted at the Elmore County Courthouse

Just how important is your vote?

One key box apparently became the determining factor on which way the Senate district 30 race would go. As it turned out the vote count appears to solidify a run-off.

The all-important count started around 10:30 a.m. on Thursday at the old Elmore County Courthouse. Slowly and methodically Elmore County election officials opened up the cardboard box from the Titus community that would determine if Clyde Chambliss won the race outright or forced into a run-off with Harris Garner.

The results from this one box? Chambliss: 18. Garner: 34.

"I was pleased with the way Elmore County handled everything," said Chambliss, who is an Autauga County engineer. "It's not what we had hoped but we have a plan for that."

"All we wanted was everyone's vote to count, and the county did a good job of making sure that happened today," said Garner, a Millbrook businessman.

In terms of overall numbers from the entire senate 30 district, the numbers look like this, according to AP: Clyde Chambliss with 9,115 votes or around 50%. Harris Garner has 5,824 votes or around 32%.

The headache for Elmore County officials started on Election Day morning when voters in Titus didn't receive the proper ballots for Senate district 30. In other words the Titus precinct didn't get the ballots with the race printed on them.

Probate judge John Enslen called it 'an honest mistake' with the county Board of Registrars. Chambliss and Harris agreed. Once Enslen was notified about the problem he grabbed a new batch of correct ballots from Wallsboro, and rushed them to Titus so the people who had already voted could vote again but only for the Senate district 30 race.

Now this is something that could change the game for the candidates. While the Titus box count appears to make this race a run-off, the provisional ballots along with the absentee ballots still have to be counted. That is not expected to be done until next week.

Until then Clyde Chambliss and Harris Garner say the race is still on. After the one-box count today the men say they will continue their respective campaigns and hit the campaign trails immediately.

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