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Richmond starts support group for single moms


A new program addresses a citywide issue. The Richmond City Health District is starting a support group for single mothers, which is free and open to anyone.

The program started this week, but you can still sign up for it. The group will meet at 3601 Dill Road on Wednesday nights for ten weeks, with the goal of making sure Richmond's single moms have the support to be successful.

The statistics are staggering. In 2012, of 2,939 births to city residents, 1,885 of them were to single women. That translates to almost two out of every three children ending up in homes with single mothers.

"That's devastating," Taynia Yeboah reacted.

Yeboah knows the challenges well. She's raising two children, a 21-year-old and a 10-year-old, on her own.

"Trying to also be the provider, be the nurturer, the cook, the doctor, you know I have to wear so many hats, sometimes that it can get confusing and a little frustrating," Yeboah explained.

Like many single moms, she often wishes she had a little more help.

"Just a platform to where I can deal with people such as myself and ask questions that may seem weird to people who don't have to deal with what we deal with," Yeboah described.

She is thinking about signing up for the new program that provides support, training on life skills and access to resources.

Tauchanna Gregory is coordinating the effort.

"They're going to learn about themselves," Gregory explained. "There are some difficult conversations that may take place, but what it does is help us to realize where we may need strengthening."

She wants Richmond moms to know there is help out there for people dealing with these challenging situations.

You can still register for the program. It will accommodate about a dozen more people. Call 321-6761 for more information.

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