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Louisiana World War II Vets receive a special honor from France

It was an elaborate ceremony at the National World War II Museum in New Orleans Friday to mark the 70th Anniversary of D-Day, and some Louisiana veterans were honored in a special way by the government of France.

Seventeen World War II veterans received Legion of Honor medals from the French Consul General as thousands looked on.

World War II veteran Lamore Carter, Ph.D., is 90 years old and a psychologist living in Grambling, Louisiana. He entered the army right out of high school.

"I feel very, very happy because it says a lot about France's gratitude," Dr. Carter said after receiving his medal.

"It was hell. I don't know how you could say it but it was quite an experience," said World War II veteran Warren DuFrene of Cutoff, Louisiana.

He too went home with the special medal.

"Oh, it's wonderful, it's more than I expected," stated DuFrene.

Julius Ouder of Slidell had the same refrain.

"It means a lot, I wasn't expecting this," stated Ouder.

He easily recalled the horrors of war.

"Going into combat was something different, you finally realized that somebody was shooting at you and you had to shoot back," said Ouder.

"We were in imminent danger. The Germans didn't want to kiss us, they wanted to kill us," said Dr. Carter.

For Dr. Carter the recognition is priceless. He remembers how segregation in the U.S. military was blown to pieces when the war intensified on foreign soil.

"Before the end of the Battle of the Bulge which I helped support leadership in the army said we'd take anybody now and urged black soldiers, and others to come into the infantry, and many of them did you can see pictures of them, before that time it was no, no, it had to be separate," stated Dr. Carter.

DuFrene said such ceremonies are fitting and deserving.

"I think it should be done more so that the young people will realize in other words what we went through," he stated.

And given the many sacrifices Americans made during World War II, some locals have gone out of their way to make sure their children know and see the history.

A local father who attended the museum activities took some of his sons to Normandy, France last year to give them a World War II history lesson.

"I learned all about what our country did for us and the soldiers that helped us to be the country that we are today," said Eric Michael Schorr of his trip to France with his dad.

"Thank you for helping our country, thank you for making it free," said 10 year old Jacob Schorr.

Many of the veterans who were honored are in their nineties and they said they are grateful to be alive to witness the 70th Anniversary of D-Day.

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