Barking Bistro

Barking Bistro

Congratulations to Frank Brand of Prattville!   He was the winner of our $15 gift basket filled with scrumptious treats from Barking Bistro, home of delectable dog pastries. Frank's pampered pooch is a beautiful Yellow Lab named Molly.

Even if you didn't win, you still have a chance to pamper that special pet! Contact Barking Bistro today to order a special treat for that special furry someone.  Call 334-215-2272, or visit us online at


Barking Bistro is the home of delectable dog pastries, where you will find the finest canine pastries - made from healthy, natural, human-grade ingredients.

We have shortbread cookies, muffins, biscotti, bagels, croissants, and more.

Our goal is to provide pet lovers with an opportunity to pamper their favorite dog(s) with delicious treats. Our pastries look so good that even you will be tempted to dip them in your morning milk or coffee, and you can! After all, they are made from human-grade ingredients.

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