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Report claims AL prisons fail to provide adequate medical care

Kirby Correctional Facility infirmary (Source: SPLC) Kirby Correctional Facility infirmary (Source: SPLC)

The Alabama prison system is violating federal law by not providing adequate medical care to prisoners, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Alabama Disabilities Advocacy Program.

In a newly released report, the SPLC claims the prison system fails to give inmates a humane level of medical care and that prisoners with disabilities are being subjected to discriminatory conditions.

According to the report, a prisoner who survived prostate cancer had a blood test that indicated the cancer had likely returned. The report claims the inmate wasn't given a follow-up test until a year and a half later after the cancer had become terminal and spread to his bones. The prisoner died less than a year later.

The report also stated that many prisoners with diabetes had limbs amputated due to poor diabetes care. Several diabetic inmates also reported not having their blood sugar measured in months.

According to the report, medical personnel in the prisons was greatly understaffed. The investigation found that a single doctor averages a caseload of around 1,600 patients.

The SPLC said the investigation revealed many prisoners had been placed under orders to "do not resuscitate" or "allow natural death" without consent or knowledge of the prisoners.

The investigation focused on the inspection of 15 Alabama prisons, interviews of more than 100 prisoners along with a review of medical records, reports and policies by the Alabama Department of Corrections.

The full report can be read online here -

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