Editorials: "Failing our Vets"

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - The first sentence in the Department of Veterans Affairs audit released on Monday reads, "At the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), our most important mission is to provide the high quality health care and benefits Veterans have earned and deserve – when and where they need it." Following a sweeping nation-wide audit in April the VA came to realize that they in fact are failing at the very core of this mission – providing care when veterans need it.

Veterans attempting to receive care as new patients here at home utilizing the Central Alabama Veterans Health Care System located Montgomery and Tuskegee are waiting 75 days on average to get help.  I can't even begin to wrap my arms anyone needing medical attention and having to wait 2 and ½ months to see a doctor much less a veteran that has been told by their government "they've earned and deserve care – when and where they need it." And for the record, the VA's "performance target" to see new patients is 14 days.

The failures at the VA are so egregious that heads have already begun to roll with more to come; which is exactly what needs to happen.  The fact that it took a news report detailing the problems to get our leaders in Washington moving to correct is troubling to say the least, but not necessarily surprising.

So now that spotlight is shining ever so brightly on the VA and our administration in Washington, we all need to keep the heat on our leaders to fix this mess once and for all.  Our Veterans deserve it and quite honestly deserved better to begin with.

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