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AL Crime Victims' Compensation Commission celebrates 30th anniversary


This week marks the 30th anniversary of a one of a kind agency, the Alabama Victims' Compensation Commission.

The organization works to help crime victims pay medical bills or provide them with lost wages.

Over the last 30 years, the department has helped 52,000 people with $92 million.

One of the group's creators was honored at the anniversary celebration. Miriane Shehane is credited with turning the pain of her daughter's murder into a quest to help others.

"If I had not had something to work toward for something to make some meaning out of Quenette's death, I doubt that I could have survived," said Shehane. "It's just a way of coping with our victimization and it's given me the strength, this and with God's help."

Money from criminals is used to fund the Alabama Crime Victims' Compensation. The department is set up to be operated at the cost of misdemeanor and felony offenders ordered to pay assessment fees by judges. The only cost to tax payers, if you get a speeding ticket, $2.00 goes to the group.

If you are a victim and you'd like to file a claim, you must apply within a year of the crime.

For more information visit the agency's website.

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