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Montgomery construction business offers new low cost housing


Owning your own home is a dream that many people share.

The average cost of homes in the River Region, however, is around $120,000.

A price tag that's too costly for some residents.

But Foshee Design and Construction is a division of one of Montgomery's largest reality and housing companies that is on a quest to build thousands of new, affordable homes for local residents.

The concept is "Loco Homes." Loco standing for low cost.

"There's a real need in Montgomery for an affordable house," John Foshee said. "We have designed a two bedroom, one bath; and four bedroom, two bath."

You've seen two of them on Hill Street in Montgomery, and now Foshee Design and Construction is looking to expand the concept around the city and state.

"There are a couple of things that makes our homes low cost," Foshee said. "One is a low initial cost. Another is a low maintenance cost. And then there's low operational cost."

You will be able to buy these homes around $75,000. The idea is to appeal to families on a tighter budget.

"We can actually fit it into those abandoned lots or neglected lots in existing neighborhoods and that's one of the great things about this project is it also allows you to strengthen existing communities," Foshee Designer David Beaker said.

Foshee says these new homes can be built from start to finish in 90 days.

He says this is a plus for families who have an immediate need for housing or for those are in the tornado stricken areas

For more information, log onto the company's website or call 334-273-0313.

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