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Local GM dealers tackling wait lists for recall repairs

Multiple recalls are affecting millions of vehicles and it's all adding up to major headaches for GM owners and dealers. On Wednesday, the automaker's CEO was grilled by Congress for failing to act on deadly safety issue for more than a decade.

Graham Gregory has a Pontiac Solstice on the list of GM cars with defective ignition switches. Gregory says he called Capitol Chevrolet in Montgomery to ask about getting his car repaired and was told he was being put on a list. 

"I called and asked about getting my car repaired and I was told that they so far had only received 10 parts to repair cars and that I would be put on a list and I was number 400. I asked how long he thought it might be and he didn't have any idea, said it could be a year," Gregory said. 

When WSFA went to Capitol Chevrolet, managers asked the station to contact their corporate ownership which we did but we have not heard back yet.

Other dealerships were more responsive. Larry Puckett Chevrolet in Prattville and Riverside Chevrolet in Wetumpka tell us they're seeing parts trickle in to them.

Riverside is tackling a wait list that is eight pages long.

"We're telling customers that once the parts are ordered, it takes anywhere from a month to two months before we receive parts. The good news is, when we get the parts, we call the customer right away and it's about an hour and a half to do the actual repair. Some days we get no parts. We have had a couple of days where we've gotten 8 or 9, most days it's twos and threes," said Paul Carlisle, Parts and Service Director at Riverside Chevrolet. 

"It's been frustrating on our part not being able to handle the customers in a timely manner and it's been frustrating for the customers because we can't give them the answers they need in a timely manner," he added. 

General Motors faces scrutiny for failing to notify consumers about the problems with ignition switches that have been linked to at least 13 deaths. CEO Mary Barra says the company has restructured their safety decision making process. 

"We are taking a very aggressive approach on recalls and we are bringing greater rigor and discipline to our analysis and decision making process regarding these recalls and other potential safety related matters," Barra said during testimony before a House subcommittee. 

Local dealers continue to deal with the fallout from the rounds of recalls. 

"We're working as hard as we can to make sure that our customers are safe and secure in their vehicles and to get them in and get them fixed because we want it fixed as quickly as you do," Carlisle said. 

Prattville Chevrolet Service Manager Joe Wilson asks customers to be patient. Wait times for repairs cannot be determined, Wilson said. Parts for different cars are coming in at different times.

"It's not the dealership's fault. It's GM's fault for not furnishing the parts to fix them," added Graham Gregory. "My main concern is for my wife's safety who drives the car every day. If the key falls out of the switch, the engine goes dead and you don't have breaks or you don't have steering. I just want to get my car fixed, sooner than later."

Customers can call their local GM dealer with their VIN number and car information and the dealer can pull it up in GM's system to see which recall applies to their car.

GM advises that for cars on the ignition switch recall, drivers should use just the ignition key by itself, with no other keys or keys rings with it. 

If customers feel unsafe driving their recalled cars, they can call their dealer and get a rental car, in most cases.

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