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Mixed reactions over Union Springs tax increase


Residents in Union Springs have mixed reactions about a 1 percent sales tax increase.

The city council passed the increase Monday night during a council meeting.

The sales tax is now the same as Montgomery's -- a city nearly 600 times its size -- at 10 percent.

"It's a poor community. Not too many people are working at this time so why continue to tax the people?" Union Springs resident Catherine Baldwin questioned as she was shopping at CVS.

"We want to see where the revenue we do have already is going, you know before you continue to tax the people," Baldwin said.

A rural town of only about 3,600 residents, some residents say they don't see how much of an impact this 1 percent tax increase will make.

The mayor says it will generate $300,000 in one year.

"Mayor Saint Thomas Jr. says the city is at a stage where it's not growing and Union Springs is simply not attracting businesses. He says they had to do something and it was either cut services or increase taxes," Baldwin said. "I feel like businesses will come into communities that have something to offer. You know, we don't even have a hotel here where if travelers wanted to come and spend the night they could. We don't have decent places to sit and eat, you know take your family out to eat."

Resident Lonnie Crawford says it won't be a big deal to most residents who drive more than 30 miles to Montgomery to shop, where the sales tax is already 10 percent.

"You know one percent, that's a little out of our pocket, but it's still going to be good. I think it will benefit in the long run for the city. It's saving gas. I believe it will be much easier to shop here and it will benefit your own town. so support your own town," Union Springs resident Lonnie Crawford said.

The mayor says the tax increase will most likely go into effect in October.

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