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Organizers hope to raise enough money to keep St. Jude open


Students, parents, and alumni continue to fight to keep their beloved school open.

It's been a little over a month since officials for Saint Jude Educational Institute announced the school would close.

Supporters of Saint Jude Educational Institute, however, aren't giving up on their school without a fight.

People are holding rallies and fundraisers in an effort to keep the doors open.

Tiara Moore will be in the tenth grade come this fall. The sophomore only attended St. Jude for one year before the closing announcement was made, but in just that short time, she says she quickly felt the difference between this school and others.

"I have matured just from my first year being there," Moore said. "I've learned so much and teachers have really helped me discover who I really am and who I want to be."

Alumnus and parent, Antwoine Perkins, is just one of many that are raising funds in hopes of keeping Saint Jude open.

"The city of St. Jude was built on donations," Perkins said. "That's what makes this even more significant because once again we are at that point where donations are a part of a dream and in order to bring it to reality."

The goal is $1 million.

"Enough funds to at least show them ‘hey we are concerned and this is what we are pouring our heart into'," Perkins said.

Organizers aren't raising the funds on their own, with the ability to reach over 900,000 people, the Christian Coalition of Alabama is stepping in to raise money and awareness, saying it is imperative to keep this school open.

"We need to continue that legacy of academic excellence, the legacy of moral instruction and spiritual upbringing," said Randy Brinson, President of the Christian Coalition of Alabama. "That leads to people having strong moral character."

Even if it's not quite enough this year, organizers say they have a plan they believe will help school be in session once again, even if later on down the road.

"Sticking by that plan and keeping the faith," Perkins said. "We hope to get the opportunity for St Jude to open."

Organizers plan to hold other rallies throughout the summer.

WSFA has reached out to Saint Jude officials but no one has returned any calls since they announced the school was closing.

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