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Tank and Brock become unlikely friends

Tank (L) and Brock (R) rest together. Tank (L) and Brock (R) rest together.

Two puppies that were in danger of dying before being saved and cared for by the Montgomery Humane Society are becoming the best of friends.

WSFA 12 News recently reported on the situations for 10-week-old 'Tank' and 6-month-old Brock. The puppies have been recovering from injuries and ailments together, and a photo shared regarding their progress shows them napping beside each other on a comfortable doggy pillow.

Brock was featured in a report on June 17. He was found covered in fleas and in dire condition. His owner had died and no one was available to take care of the pooch until the Humane Society got hold of him. [READ STORY]

Tank's story was featured in a report on June 20 . In his case, his owner is accused of beating him to a state of unconsciousness. [READ STORY]

Both puppies are on their way to recoveries.

Donations have come in to the humane society from people wanting to help with recovery efforts for Brock. More than $1,000 has been dedicated to helping him.

Tank has a longer way to go, however, though humane society officials say he's doing well. He still has a broken leg and there have been no donations made toward his treatment.

If you would like to help either dog, contact the Montgomery Humane Society at www.montgomeryhumane.com

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