Editorial: "Closure"

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Most of the rumors and speculation about Montgomery Police Chief Kevin Murphy's future were laid to rest on Monday.

During a live press conference televised on WSFA 12 News what became clear for all to see and hear was that Kevin Murphy is no longer Montgomery's Police Chief and will be retiring at the end of September. While this fact is not in dispute by Mayor Strange or Chief Murphy, each side is agreeing to disagree on the specific reasons that led to such a final action.

These types of changes are difficult not only for those involved firsthand, but many others in various "circles." The "circles" include family, friends, colleagues and more broadly in this case, the citizens of Montgomery.  The ripple effect of a change in leadership at this level (both positive and negative) will be felt far and wide.  For this very reason, closure for all involved is going to be an important milestone in the coming weeks.

We cannot afford to stand as a city divided over a decision that has been made; what's done is done.  Kevin Murphy, Mayor Strange and the City of Montgomery all deserve the opportunity move beyond this parting of ways and onto future successes and challenges.  That is our hope for all.

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