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Pike Co. Sheriff's race kicks off months before election

Pike County Sheriff Russell Thomas Pike County Sheriff Russell Thomas

Candidates for the Pike County Sheriff's position are already speaking even though they are months away from the November election.

Candidate Jason Youngblood spoke today, discussing a lack of communication between sheriffs and county municipalities. He described it as a drug epidemic that is not being handled properly, and a lack of control in the county jail.

Youngblood, who has served 17 years in the police force and is currently a sergeant for Troy police, is promising improvements if elected sheriff.

"It is my promise to you today, that if elected, the Pike County Sheriff's Office will wage a war on drugs in Pike County that is real and gets results," Youngblood said.

According to Youngblood's campaign, there were only 13 felony drug arrest in Pike County in 2012, 12 arrest in 2013 and so far only three arrest in 2014. He also states that since 2012, only 34 speeding tickets have been issued and only three DUI arrest have been made.

He says that is an indication that not enough is being done.

"I think the citizens of Pike County are ready for a change," Youngblood said. "They're ready for somebody with the desire and motivation to do this job."

Sheriff Russell Thomas says he manages the county jail the best he can with limited resources.

"We have the fourth or fifth oldest jail in the state of Alabama," Thomas said. "In one of the most industrialized areas of the state."

Youngblood provided pictures of inmates, saying they were taken inside the Pike County jail and posted on social media.

Thomas says it's a problem the jail manages.

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