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Thieves targeting lawn equipment in the Montgomery area


It's heating up outside and the summer is a time where thieves are on the lookout for lawn equipment. It's a hot commodity now because many of us use it to keep our lawns manicured.

It's what you would expect to see on a warm summer day in the College Grove subdivision of Montgomery...residents like Joshua Presley mowing the yard. But what many in this neighborhood say they wouldn't expect is for thieves to be eyeing their lawn equipment.

"I keep it in a little building in the backyard, but it's not locked or anything like that," said Montgomery Joshua Presley. "So I haven't even thought about that possibility."

But just a few streets down from Presley, Lori Gemette says it's becoming a trend.

"The push mowers, the leaf blowers, the weed eaters; apparently they are looking for things that are quick access," Gemette said. "Hurry up, pick up and get out."

On Friday, Gemette says her teen daughter scared a thief in progress.

"She said ‘well someone is on our back porch trying to steal dad's push mower and weed eater'," Gemette said.

Gemette says the fence was unlocked.

Police say you should lock your fence with a quality, heavy duty lock.

Police also offer these tips:

-Thick round locks are best because the locking device harder to cut.

-lock your equipment to a fenced post.

-Insure valuable equipment with insurance company or your homeowners plan.

-Place motion sensor lights around the residence.

-Consider low cost video surveillance that stores data on the hard drive.

-Place a lock around riding lawn mowers' steering wheel.

-Write down the model, make and serial number of your equipment.

-Put an identifying mark on your equipment that can help police track it.

"You think it won't happen to you, but as soon as you let your guard down, that's when something happens," Gemette said.

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