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Prattville crash victim who lost leg inspires motorcycle safety documentary

Barrett Bailey and Jon Cook Barrett Bailey and Jon Cook
David Tesino David Tesino

It was a story that resonated with thousands of our viewers - a Deatsville man who lost his leg in a Prattville motorcycle accident reunited with the couple he credits with saving his life that night.

David Tesino was reunited with the military couple, who stopped to help him that night, so he could personally thank them.

There has been an outpouring of community support for Tesino. His accident has even inspired new documentaries geared at creating motorcycle safety awareness.

For Barrett Bailey and Jon Cook, Tesino's ordeal hit home. His story inspired the duo, who run High 5 Productions in Montgomery, to launch the "Watch for Me" campaign. They're featuring Tesino in a new documentary on motorcycle safety.

"We hear about somebody having a wreck it seems like and these are our friends that are experiencing this," Bailey said. "We wanted to help him out, so that's why we're going in and doing a documentary on these accidents and what's causing them and how to prevent them."

The documentary will also feature other local accident victims, including a woman who is fighting to keep her leg in a crash that also claimed the life of her husband.

"It's not just the motorcyclists and their families who are affected," Cook told WSFA. "They need to realize that the people who hit these motorcyclists have to live with the fact that they've changed this person's life, period. People need to be aware that their actions do have ripple effects and they can be quite traumatic."

"The goal is to spread awareness, to get people on the roadways to look twice, to put down their phones, to stop messing with their radio, to notice that there are bikers out there," Bailey added.

The "Watch for Me" campaign is already gaining traction on social media and that is where the documentaries will be circulated.

As for David Tesino, the community continues to rally around him. A fund has been set up to help his family as he recovers, and a fundraiser is set for next month in Millbrook.

The Millbrook Chapter of the American Cruisers Motorcycle Club is hosting a poker run on July 19 at Dooley's Pub on Alabama 14. Registration is at 10:30 a.m.

It is the group's first annual "Rider Safety Awareness Ride" and Tesino will be the first to receive the funds raised.

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