Editorial: Feedback - "Closure"

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - In response to our editorialhoping for closure for all involved in Montgomery Police Chief Kevin Murphy'scontroversial retirement, we received these comments:

Davidsaid, "There should be no closure until the public is informed of what, ifanything, the Chief did to justify his being forced out."

Melaniecommented, "Whatever the future holds, Montgomery needs closure for now.You can't undo what is done, but you can choose the future."

Lyndywrote, "When someone's career has been murdered there can be no closurewithout performing an autopsy!"

Saritasaid, "Chief is saying one thing. The mayor is saying something else. There arethree sides of a story: his side, the other side, and the truth. We will neverknow the whole story."

Keithcommented, "Nothing was laid to rest at all!! Left more questions than answers.But it did answer a lot of questions for the next election cycle!!"

Jeanniewrote, "I do not believe we as citizens … need to know every single detail ofwhat is going on. We need to leave that up to the officials we elected. … Weneed to leave these good people alone."

AndBrenda said, "Something just doesn't add up."

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