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Pelham man charged in fatal vehicle incident in Georgia

Dewey Calhoun Green (Source: Douglas County Jail) Dewey Calhoun Green (Source: Douglas County Jail)

Police in Douglasville, Georgia say they have arrested a Pelham man in connection to a fatal vehicle incident.

Douglasville Police Chief Chris Womack says 23-year-old Dewey Calhoun Green ran over and killed 53-year-old Janice Pitts in front of her daughter and infant grandchild on Wednesday.

According to Womack, Green struck Pitts' vehicle from behind at a turn lane. He then backed up and struck the vehicle several times.

When Pitts got out of her car to check the damage, Green allegedly struck her with his vehicle before backing over her.

Womack says Green was taken into custody after he tried drove off and up an embankment, where his vehicle came to a stop.

Green has been charged with murder, aggravated battery and aggravated assault. Green is being held in the Douglas County Jail on no bond.

Investigators have also obtained warrants to test Green's blood for alcohol and drugs.

Green told officers he was in Georgia to visit his girlfriend in Atlanta.

A former classmate of Green's said he isn't surprised by the turn of events. Chase Nordman said he and Green weren't friends but Green was popular around school.

"He was definitely admired. People wanted to hang out with him and be somebody like him because he had a lot of fancy cars, fancy house. He really to most people, not to some but most people pretty nice. Kind of a crazy guy people wanted to hang out with in high school," said Nordman.

Green was known for his extreme sporting. He and his friends often made YouTube videos of them doing dangerous stunts. The video shows Green giving a tour of his home, and talking about his private skate park he owns. In one of the video Green shows a wad of cash and said, "Somebody has to pay the bills on my private skate park."

Green's apparent lifestyle concerned Nordman.

"I felt it was kind of too much at times and I would get uncomfortable about how outrageous he wanted to be about some things," said Nordman.

Nordman said what happened in Georgia is tragic.

"I think justice should be served and I think it will be. For the families there is really no justice. They are going to have to hold onto this for the rest of their lives and it's pretty sad," said Nordman.

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