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Alabama A&M tuition increase awaits trustee vote

Alabama A&M trustees will vote on a proposed tuition increase Friday. (Source: WAFF) Alabama A&M trustees will vote on a proposed tuition increase Friday. (Source: WAFF)

Students at Alabama A&M could be in for some bigger bills this fall. Thursday morning, the school's Business and Finance committee approved an increase in tuition and fees for the 2014-2015 academic year.

The proposed increase will go to the A&M Board of Trustees Friday for final approval.

School president, Dr. Andrew Hugine said the proposed increase would cover the growing cost of operations.

"We are a good quality, affordable institution," he said.

The business and finance committee approved plans for the 6 percent tuition increase, which is about $500 more dollars a year.

"This is a recommendation it will not be final until approved by the board of trustees tomorrow, we are optimistic they will approve it," said Dr. Hugine.

Some students are on-board for the increase.

"I think it's fair college is expensive," said student, Mario Deloach.

Deloach is taking out loans to pay for school. He said the school isn't too expensive and has a great loan program.

"You can select how much you want to borrow as well, and as students we should look for grants scholarships first and then loans," said Deloach.

Other students weren't thrilled to hear about the potential increase.

"I don't feel like they should because we are trying to do something with ourselves and better ourselves," said student Iman Butler.

Butler said finding the extra cash will be tough. She can only afford the essentials as it is.

"Rent and food in order to survive through school," said Butler.

The school's president maintains the school remains reasonable.

"When you can do an entire year with room and board required tuition and fees in this day in age in 2014 for under $15,000 dollars, that's affordable," said Hugine.

The Business and Finance Committee also approved a one-time $400 bonus for employees. It will also face a trustee vote Friday.

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