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NIckelback or 'nickel sack?' Deputies mistake conversation about rock band for drug reference

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TODAY'S MOST...Ridiculous misunderstanding by police: Deputies in Idaho thought they heard a man talking about a drug deal because they heard the words "nickel sack." In fact, the man was talking about the rock band Nickelback. 

The deputies stopped the men in their truck outside a gas station. The part of the situation caught on tape is only about five minutes. But it shows the men trying to explain they were talking about another car that was blasting a Nickelback song at high volume.

"He's talking about drugs. He's not talking about Nickelback," the deputy spewed back. "We're not born yesterday. That's a bull---- story. He said nickel sack."

"No, Nickelback. That guy was blaring Nickelback," the man holding a cell phone camera defended. "There was no nickel sack involved."

The Kootenai County Sheriff's Office told the NY Daily News "It's pretty negative for us here, but we'll move on." It wouldn't comment any more because it says it's a personnel matter.

The two men ultimately were released at the gas station without any charges filed.

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