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VIRAL: Ads aim to empower, inspire girls

(Source: Verizon/YouTube) (Source: Verizon/YouTube)
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In a day and age where the phrase "like a girl" is often used as an insult, several companies are fighting back.

A number of newly released ads focus on empowering girls and encouraging them to celebrate and be comfortable with who they are. Several have gone viral on the Internet.

Verizon's commercial "Inspire Her Mind" focuses on female education. According to the commercial, 66 percent of 4th grade girls say they are interested in science and math, but only 18 percent of college engineering majors are women. The commercial uses an example of a girl being told throughout her life to not get messy or use tools to show how girls are discouraged from exploring science.

The commercial challenges people to encourage girls to explore their interests in science and technology. Watch below:

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The term "like a girl" is given a whole new meaning in a powerful new commercial released by Always. This commercial has gone viral with the hashtag #likeagirl on social media. It shows the negative impact the phrase has had on young women's self esteem.

Always brings up a valid point in its commercial: When did doing something "like a girl" become a bad thing? Young women should be encouraged to be themselves and do everything with their best effort, the commercial argues.

Watch the Always commercial here:

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Another new commercial focused on girls is making the rounds on social media. HelloFlo is a company that makes "Period Starter Kits." The commercial "First Moon Party" is an effort to make talking about periods ok.

While the humor in the commercial may overpower the message at times, it shows that there needs to be better communication between parents and their daughters when it comes to this aspect of life. Girls shouldn't be embarrassed or afraid to talk to their parents or friends about what is going on with their body.

Watch the HelloFlo commercial here:

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These commercials are trying to change society's view of  what doing things "like a girl' means. It isn't an insult, it just means you're a girl -- and that's not something to be ashamed of.

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