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Sen. Sessions responds to Pres. Obama's immigration remarks

(Source: WSFA 12 News) (Source: WSFA 12 News)

A day after President Obama blast congress over immigration laws, Alabama's delegation fired back.

Immigration is a hot button issue right now, and on Tuesday Senator Jeff Sessions weighed in.

President Obama blames congress for creating a security problem in this country, by not passing immigration legislation.

Senator Sessions blasted back at the President's remarks.

"The bill that he pushed through the senate was terrible," Sessions said. "It should never become law, and the house said it was dead on arrival."

Senator Sessions, meeting with those he represents, agrees immigration is one of the biggest issues facing the country right now.

"Any great nation needs a lawful system of immigration, and then you have to enforce it."

And enforcing it is where Senator Sessions doesn't trust President Obama.

"So a series of actions by the President over the last couple of years has sent a signal, very predictably, that if you come to America, you're not going to be deported."

He also does not support the President's request for $2 billion in emergency funding.

"It's bigger than Alabama's general fund budget," Sessions said. "People don't realize this is a terrible mistake. Morally, financially, as a humanitarian, and lawfully, because now we have to work doubly hard to try to re-establish credibility and convince people not to come unlawfully."

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