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Swimming- safety around the water

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As we head into the Fourth of July weekend many of you are preparing to spend some time on the water, whether your plans include the beach, the lake, or a pool.

This morning WSFA 12 News Reporter Melissa Johnson shared some safety tips about swimming with Lara Lewis at the downtown Montgomery YMCA. Listed below are some of those facts.

Important facts about swimming lessons or being in the water: 

1. Drowning is caused by exhaustion---Most people, when drowning, are in a very reactive mode because they are tired. They are only struggling to keep their mouth above water so they can breathe. Because of this, most drownings are very quiet---no splashing or yelling  of "help" like you see on movies and on TV. Most of the time, the victim will slip under water without a struggle.  Ways to prevent: Don't go to the pool all day---a lot of times, moms plan an all-day event for the kids. Kids swim all day and mom sits in the pool lounge. Don't do that---plan to swim for an hour; break for 30 minutes

2. Most important to swim in US Coast Guard approved lift vests. Don't have a false sense of security with "swimmies."

3. Swim lessons important for kids AND for adults.

4. Don't allow a life guard to give you a false sense of security. They change shifts and are in charge of surveillance of a lot of patrons. Make sure you are within arms-length of your child.

5. In the event of a near-drowning, still need to go to the hospital to get checked out. Secondary drownings CAN happen.

6. 360,000 drown world-wide; In US,  drowning is the second leading cause of unintentional death in children ages 1 to 14.

7. Alabama has one of the highest drowning rates in the country; 2nd leading cause of unintentional death, second only to car crashes.  

8. 88% of drownings happen under some of parental supervision.

Would you like to register for swim lessons at the YMCA?




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